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The International Finance Corporation Ltd. (IFC) is a large private equity firm, and part of the TERA Network.

We strongly believe that finance and innovation, both together, shape our future and help to solve actual and future challenges and not resolved human problems.

Lately, the finance industry was mainly concentrated in optimising share holder value, profits and commissions and neglected their primordial role to forge our future leaving innovation, if not connected with big companies, scarce of funding. 

Therefore we do believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the status quo is by putting into the hands of innovators, visionaries and co-investors all the know-how accrued by large corporations utilising high-end finance models and instruments (i.e. from sophisticated portfolio techniques - to increase the chance of success - and securitisation models as well as super-insurance - to reduce risks for the investment - and other sophisticated proprietary tools)
to SECURE investment funding for difficult to finance projects of high interest.

Dr. Michael Herzog, President IFC Group

IFC combines global vision with local insight, relying on a highly experienced team of 1221 investment professionals operating out of offices in 25 countries to uncover superior opportunities in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. While open to opportunities wherever they arise, IFC concentrates its investment focus on sectors in which it has built recognized expertise: high technology, pharmaceutics & chemical, healthcare, aerospace & defense, transportation, information, automotive, consumer & industrial, energy & power and real estate.

IFC’s team of investment professionals includes highly skilled professionals in the fields of management-led leveraged buyouts, real estate, leveraged finance, venture capital and turnaround, 18 macro-economists, 24 PhD/MDs and through the TERA Network scientists from many of the world’s most prestigious universities. In a world full with information, knowledge and wisdom is often in short supply. IFC’s edge is its ability to leverage the knowledge and the experience together with the insight of its investment professionals, collaborating with other parts of the TERA Network. The result: A broader view of potential investment opportunities and deeper level of expertise, creating value for IFC portfolio companies that translates into superior returns for IFC investors.  

IFC’s investment philosophy and disciplined investment process generates extraordinary returns for its investors. Several sophisticated or institutional investors from 80 countries entrust IFC with their capital and their reputations. A dedicated system has been designed to utilize the amassed assets, intelligence and capabilities of the existing creative asset owners, in order to enhance and augment their creative activities in applying the world’s expanding wealth, to scopes benefiting society exclusively.

Activities of common interest do actually make these partners  most eligible to direct the efficient and practical utilization of the world’s increasing capital and the improvements they combine. The owners direct selection and creation of the personally sponsored and approved humanitarian projects, will have an increasing and lasting benefit to mankind and the existing environmental issues.

Most of the cooperative agreements are joint-venture contracts with banks, governmental entities, global players and sophisticated individuals, all efforts being directed towards  realizing a better world, by means of using these combined capabilities.

The IFC  has been founded in the year 2000 in Herzlia, Israel. Presently the company is situated  in Tel Aviv, Israel and has branches, cooperatives and liaison offices in more then 23 countries world wide (including Berlin, Germany, London, UK and Washington, DC, USA).

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