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Legal Disclaimer

The announcement of this internet web site does not constitute any offer or any invitation or any other kind of solicitation to participate on IFC business.

Some of the facilities are not available in any jurisdiction whose statutory regulations would thereby be breached so as territories which are regulated by the SEC or the FSA.

Some of the facilities detailed on this web site are not subject to the provisions of the United Kingdom financial services act 1986 or any amendment thereto ("the act"). These facilities are specifically exempted from the act by way of note 5 to clause 13b of part i of the act. 'IFC' is not registered as a financial adviser under the act and it does not offer any form of investment or legal advice, nor provide or sell any form of investment or security as defined within the act.

Some of the facilities detailed on this web site are subject to the regulations of the US Federal Securities act of 1934 and therefore will be handled by licensed partners of the company some of the facilities are subject to different regulations and are handled under special SEC Rule 144a (private placements) for unregistered issues.

IFC and its domestic subsidiaries are a Group of companies and private individuals, each parent company is registered under domestic laws and is acting under its own responsibility, each individual acting under his own full responsibility.

Any confirmation, offer, agreement or any other kind of cooperation, brought by unregistered intermediaries will not be accepted and valid unless at least the CEO or one director of the company and the compliance dept. of the company has approved the legal circumstances, the Money laundering checks and proper qualification of said business.

The domestic offices of the IFC are liaison offices and are bounded to the statutes and legal places of the main company. All contracts are under jurisdiction of the United States of America or Germany and are valid only with due signatures of at least two members of the board of directors.

IFC has not authorized any individual to receive upfront payments or other remunerations for introducing the partners.

Every partner of IFC can identify himself with a valid copy of his authorisation which can be negotiated through the legal department of the company.

In any case of misrepresentation or solicitation attempts of individuals, please contact our legal department immediatelly (+49 30 505087-0).